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The Best CHFI v8 Training  from Forensics Industry Experts


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Where to Find the Best CHFI Training Classes

In this modern world of global internet business, the threat of cyber invasions is very real. It is no longer just a teenage hacker fixing grades for friends, it is company espionage, and terrorist threats to bring down power grids, very real threats that are preventable. The old adage; ‘It takes a crook to catch a crook’, is very true. Only with an employee qualified by the EC-Council CHFI Version 8 Certification, it is perfectly legal to track and identify those attacking your computer systems.

CHFI Version 8 Helps Track Cyber-Thieves!
EC-Council CHFI Certification is a course that teaches the skills, provides the knowledge, and gives a person the tools needed to catch cyber-thieves. By training someone to use the same pathways, backdoors, network weaknesses, and computer programs the hackers use, the penetration tester becomes the hacker’s enemy.  Hackers are not the only threat to companies. Looking closer to home can often times provide the identity of the troublemaker. Employees who believe they are being treated unfairly can cause a system shutdown, or commit industrial espionage. By using a certified hacker these employees can be identified and prosecuted.  Law enforcement agencies can use the services of a EC-Council CHFI Certification employee to trace website owners and servers used in criminal activity. With these traces a criminal who thought they were totally anonymous, becomes very findable.  Government agencies can also utilize these people, although the certification process is different for a Certified Network Defense Architect. Of course the certification would have to be requested by a government agency selected for qualification.

Prevention is often the key to protecting the vital files in most computers. Banks, Insurance Companies, and Law Firms all have confidential information that if attacked could hurt untold numbers of customers. By performing internal computer audits any threat can be neutralized before it becomes active. All hackers leave a trail when they first enter a system, certified employees can detect these traces and close down the pathways.  Often employees hurt a company by deleting, destroying, or encrypting files. A certified employee can recover these files and trace the employee who committed the crime.  E-Mail fraud is also a growing concern for many people. Once these crimes have been committed it is often hard to prosecute because of the vast resources available to the criminal. Make those same resources available to your company to track and prosecute them, allow a CHFI Certified employee to be on staff ready to track them down.  Theft of company documents has been in the news lately, and the criminals were all traced and prosecuted because a legal hacker was there to trace them. Do not allow your company to be vulnerable, when a weapon is at hand to protect your vital information. Network security should never be overlooked.

Where to Find the Best CHFI v8 Training
Good CHFI training requires a lot of hands-on instruction from an industry respected professional who can add real world scenarios, at a fair price. The nation’s leading CHFI training provider is based in the DC Metro Area in Greenbelt, MD and Ashburn, VA and provides all of this. TrainACE has been a leading EC-Council training provider for years and has regular CHFI classes throughout the year. Their locations are accessible to the area’s major airports. Their instructor is a leading industry professional with incredible ability and knowledge, and he keeps the class fun and engaging!

Free Online / CBT CHFI v8 Training

If you are looking for an online CHFI training class, the team at Cybrary has preapred a full version, online self-paced version. Its fre to register and free to take. All you would have to pay for is the certification exam from a local testing center.